Hi, I am Evy Diepenbroek

I am a dedicated worker who thrives on new challenges. And as they say, working hard pays off. So, at the age of twenty-one, I am a nominated graphic designer with two degrees in Graphic and Communication Design: the last is a bachelor's degree in Graphic Communication from The University of Northampton in the UK. I accomplished this because I was selected for the Masterclass as one of the top students in my first college GLR in the Netherlands, where I studied Corporate Design. Concluded my study years well with a nomination for The Penguin Book Cover Design Award 2022.

Besides studying for the remaining hours of the day, I could not let go of design. So, I have been working part-time as a graphic designer for three years. I started with small jobs for different companies and eventually joined one of these companies, "Berkman". During my internship, I fell in love with the VR and AR sector of graphic design and decided to work for a digital studio called 360Fabriek. But it is time for me to start
my new journey. 

My Design Journey


Bachelor Of Arts
In Graphic Communication

2022 - Endproject

What The F*ck Is Blockchain?

2022 - Award

The Penguin
Cover Design Award


Work and

2021 - 2018

MBO Media &
Corporate Design